Speaking up.

I'm a group facilitator specialising in team building, strategic planning and the transformative power of a 'speak-up culture' at work.

On 31 May 2024 I am teaming up with Cat Gonzalez to offer a unique workshop on Workplace Wellbeing 


Dave talking to workshop participant

Inclusive leaders create a 'speak-up culture' where everyone feels welcome and free to share.

I’ve been facilitating groups for over twenty years, helping  organisations big and small build stronger teams, create a speak-up culture, improve communication skills and plan strategically.

Formally trained in Group Facilitation (Adv. Dip. Group Facilitation, MBTI, TMS) with a background as a health professional, I have a deep understanding and personal appreciation of wellbeing and the importance of keeping people moving, engaged and having fun at work.


What my clients say

It has been a privilege working with so many courageous, generous people over the last 20 years. I've learned so much about vulnerability, self-awareness, our human desire for connection and the need to be heard. Here's some of the nice things they have to say: